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Chinese foreign minister talks with 15 foreign ministers just not Japan

  BEIJING, July 2 (Xinhua) ASEAN meeting on July 2 in Brunei concluded. Japan's Kyodo News reported that attend the ASEAN meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the three-day meeting, with about 15 other countries and institutions Foreign Minister held official talks alone, "just not with Japanese Foreign Minister held official talks. "


  Kyodo said the three-day meeting, in addition to other multilateral consultations with ASEAN, Wang Yi, also with about 15 other countries and institutions Foreign Minister held official talks alone. In addition, Wang is also the first meeting with ASEAN on the South China Sea disputes to avoid formal consultations to reach a consensus.

  Reported that the major countries in the Asia Pacific region, just not with Japanese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Tian Wenxiong shore formal talks. Sources pointed out that Japan-China relations, in March became the first Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended a major international conference on the Japan-China diplomatic relations between nominal freeze the status quo "twisted form of" end.

  The report quoted the Chinese Foreign Ministry sources said accompanying attend the ASEAN meeting in 27 countries and institutions, "most of them want to hold talks with Wang Yi," shows that many countries have great concern for China.

  Kyodo reported that Wang had served as ambassador to Japan's foreign minister invited the Chinese coast Tian Wenxiong to Tokyo embassy, they know this is old. However, the two "Despite the very attention to each other, but are interested in the intersection of the line of sight to avoid each other, always blunt."

  July 1, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying asked "series of foreign ministers in East Asia during the Sino-Japanese Foreign Minister whether to hold a meeting?" That have not heard of this arrangement.

  Day, as well as a reporter asked, it was reported that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said, there is a problem in the day to meet the diplomatic dialogue is the right attitude, should not meet with the leaders of setting conditions. China's comment?

  Hua Chunying in reply, said that Sino-Japanese relations are the serious difficulties that Japan on the Diaoyu Islands issue caused by repeated acts of provocation. The trouble should end it. The Japanese side should correct the error, stop all actions undermine China's territorial sovereignty. China has always actively engaged through dialogue and consultations to properly control and solve the Diaoyu Islands issue.

  Huachun Ying pointed out that the Japanese side should not be "dialogue" lip should earnestly address the history and reality, sincerity and practical action with China towards the line.