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Russia a launch vehicle after the explosion

  According to foreign media Time July 2, 2013 news, the day Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, the Russian Proton-M carrier rocket blasted off in an explosion that occurred after the deflection and disintegration. It is reported that, While this launch vehicle is equipped with three "Glonass-M" navigation satellite. Pictured explode instantly.


  In recent years, Xinjiang public security organs cracked a number of murder, arson, making explosive devices violent terrorist crime cases, a group of criminals has caught, punished by the law. But there are still individual suspects at large, the people's lives and property posed a serious threat. As soon as the suspect arrested and brought to justice, eliminate hazards, are the following 11 wanted suspects to be made public, please people of all nationalities to actively provide clues to expose.

  Public security authorities arrested the suspect directly be verified reward meritorious officers and units of 100,000 yuan; provide clues on the suspects were arrested by the investigation of active officers and unit awards 50,000 yuan, and strictly confidential informants.

  Public security authorities warn fugitive suspects surrender is the only way out. On the surrender of the suspects, according to the law clemency, if bent, will severely punished by law.