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British charity fundraiser with trebuchets throwing cars

[World Wide Web roundup, according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on June 25, the British charity fund raiser crowd during a charity event with a trebuchet throwing cars,

Church organ, etc. to raise funds, the effect is gratifying. They are also prepared to use this trebuchet local utilities to raise funds for the South African. British charity fund raiser for the group of charity came up with a novel solution, they use a 60 feet (about 18.3 meters) high trebuchet throwing a Peugeot, a church organist, and a petrol bomb to of Shropshire nearby church to raise funds. This machine weighs approximately 12 tonnes of rubble, called "Dionysus." At first is to throw the red flag car, it was thrown on the ground 100 feet (about 30.5 meters) high in the air, leaving a pile of wreckage car after landing has been poorly demarcated around. After the church organ, to the ground when it was destroyed. Then petrol bomb, gasoline bomb exploded in the air, flying, landing in the air leaving Shihai an intense smoke, which fully shows the trebuchet's role in medieval warfare. This weekend, it raised $ 1,000 for the church's funds in the next few years it will still be used as a source of fundraising. This idea comes from Rollo Gabb. He excitedly talked about, he realized a long time dream, ever since I first met him 20 years ago, trebuchets, you want to use it in a number of project activities, he also hopes to raise throwing objects trebuchet capital of South Africa, contribute to the cause. (Practice compilation: Xu Tiantian Reviewer: Guo Wenjing)